About us

We opened E-sportsmarket service to make an easy and secure solution for buyers & sellers as one .

E-sportsmarket its for people that want to sell or buy gaming  accounts , items etc’..

But they aware from the internet risks and don’t know how to do it fast and safe.

E-sportsmarket is a simple and easy eay to avoid all of that risks.

Every deal that you make through our platform is 100% secured and guaranteed , we are offering a lot of payment methods

And using the most common services (Paypal , Credit/Debit card etc’).

We are offering 48h money back if there is any problem with the item that you have purchased.

We hope that you can make money through our platform or save money , both are good for all of us.

Thank you , E-sportsmarket management.


How does it work ?

So how does it work ? once you are registered to our platform you are free to buy and sell everything that you want

(of course if you want to sell something its has to be a gaming item).

Every member have the possibility to create his own store with his game items and *his own prices*.

(we are taking 10% fee from every item that you sell through our platform ).

Once you add a new item to sell:

  • If its an information item like Accounts etc’.. you will be asked to upload image of your item and your item information on a .txt file with all of your correct information  (Username , Password , Email etc’).  our employees will check the information and will verify it , once your item verified it will be up for sell and after the customer will be charged we will transfer to your account your profits (90%of the item price).
  • In game items you will be asked to upload an image of the item to your item description and after the payment will be verified you will have to give the customer his item up to 24 hours from the date of the purchase , if you wont give the customer his item in time you will get negative feedback on your seller profile and we will give the customer his money back .

Every member have the possibility to buy how many items that he likes to.

once you buy item :

  • if its an information item Accounts etc’ .. you will get the item information immediately  after we receive your payment and verify it by using our automatic system.
  • In game items you will receive  up to 24 hours by the seller him self, you can  communicate with the seller through our messages service or by using an outside platforms (Facebook , Skype Etc’..). if you wont get your item in 24 hours we will charge you back and give the seller bad feedback.